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Embracing the excitement of a wonderful first day at Vidyodaya Nursery, ready for an amazing start!
On World Environment Day, the children participated in various activities designed to help them understand the importance of protecting nature. Ms. Sheeba, our Hindi teacher, sensitized the children about the significance of the day.
World Ocean Day was observed on June 8th. A programme was done by a few students of UKG C and D.
A special assembly on account of Bakrid, enlightened the children about the rituals followed during the holy month. Children of UKG A performed a beautiful skit on stage
Embarking on a journey into the enchanting world of books, we hosted an impromptu book fair for our little ones. From the school library to their very own home libraries, this event aimed to inspire them to start building their personal collections.
International Yoga Day:

A few selected children from the senior school, under the guidance of our yoga teacher Ms. Radhika Krishnan, demonstrated simple yoga poses for children.
A week-long celebration of colors became a vibrant learning experience for the children. It was a visual delight as the little ones arrived dressed in a spectrum of hues.
On behalf of Doctors’ Day, Dr. Nikhilesh Menon R., father of Ms. Thanusree from LKG C, spoke on the topic “Health and Hygiene.”