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Vidyodaya Nursery

The Vidyodaya Nursery, is an entity on its own.Housed in a unique train shaped building, it catches the imagination of the young child.

The specific developmental needs of the child are addressed in a socially co-operative and non-competitive environment. The mission of Vidyodaya Nursery is to provide appropriate experience that are challenging and to promote social, emotional, physical and academic growth through a combination of play and activity. In addition to developing reading, writing and counting readiness skills, the school also promotes extra-curricular activities like Drawing, Painting, Music, Drama, Puppetry, Games and Handwork.

Assessment is made on the basis of what the child has revealed and displayed during the various play and activity sessions. The evaluation is conducted by means of an ongoing observation of the child by the teachers throughout the year. A comprehensive report is sent to the parents thrice a year.

The real strength of Vidyodaya Nursery lies in the team of dedicated and committed teachers. The limited class strength enables the teachers to have an intimate understanding of each student’s strengths and needs and fosters a warm and trustworthy relationship with their students.

Parents also play a very vital role in their ward’s schooling.The nursery calendar is filled with an array of activities – Parent’s workshop, Partners in Learning Programme, Class days, Class-wise meetings, Grandparents’ day, Children’s day, Annual day, celebrations of Ramayana month, Independence day, Onam, Christmas, Class picnics, Charity visits and Field trips.

The play park, sandpit, toy room, bus library, splash pool, computer and LCD aided teaching and activity areas offer a vibrant learning environment and develops in the child a taste for school life and makes schooling an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.