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Parents Workshop

Mukthi, an anti drug awareness workshop for Parents was organised on the 1st July 2023.Mr. Vivek Vasudev anti Nair, Superintedent (Central excise and taxes), Dr. Vivin Abraham, Consultant paediatrician and Intensivist of Lissie hospital and SAS Nawas IRS(retd), honorary secretary of RSC, Cochin were the guest speakers of the day. Dr. Vivin emphasised the various ways the drugs affect children both physiologically and mentally. Mr. Vivek Vasudevan Nair spoke on the various types of drugs prevalent in Kerala and ways in which children fall into the trap of drug peddlers.He also threw light on the joint venture by the revenue and health dept to help children recover from this evil. Nawas Sir explained the initiative taken by the Regional Sports centre to prevent children from getting involved in drugs but initiated them more into games and Sports activities. Almost 400 parents actively participated in the interactive session. Vidyodaya Trust Executive Trustee Dr P Sreekumar, Principal Ms Geetha Rajeev, Vice Principal Ms Rekha T, Nursery In charge Sunil A Menon and Honorary Advisor Ms Shirly Somasundaram graced the occasion.