‘Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and day out, believes Vidyodaya’. Eminent personalities who have carved a niche for themselves in their own sphere of activity, interact with the young minds at Vidyodaya. This, we believe, is the right way of moulding good human beings.

Captain Aparna Prabhu, a former student of the school addressed the students on 23rd September. She dwelt at length on the rigorousness of the training at the academy, how a personality change takes place in the cadets and how commitment, patriotism and spirit of sacrifice are inculcated in the officers of the Armed Force. Her talk inspired the students to look in the direction of Indian Military Academy as a future career.

Road safety awareness :
Mr. Vinod Kumar.N, Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector of Kerala Motor Vehicle Department gave a power point presentation on the possible dangers lurking on the highways due to recklers driving. His presentation was educative and exiting. The programme was addressed to students of classes IX - XII and our bus drivers. Mr.Vinod Kumar was accompanied by two of his colleagues.

Mr.Sidharth Menon spoke about motivational factors like building confidence .He also spoke about the importance of reading good books and newspapers.He also taught students to tackle civil service exams without fear.

Museums and cultural heritage:

Dr.Jeni Peter gave a seminar on the topic "Museums and cultural heritage" for the XIth standard students.The speaker was able to invoke an interest in students for visiting and knowing about museums .

On 11th of June,the students from class XII attended a spice programme hosted by Mr.Eohan George,an ex-Vidyodayan. He gave a rare insight into why not getting a mainstream profession like that of an engineer or doctor isn't the greatest risk in everyone's life. 

Study tour to Institute of Oceanography:

Students of  class XI got an opportunity to visit the Institute of Oceanography.The students got a chance to see culturing of microbes,staining,different types of stains,instruments used to detect chromosomes.

Seminar on wireless,networking for classes XI th and XIIth computer and IP students: Mr.Gopi ,Asst Professor,Govt.Engineering college,Palakkad was the Guest speaker.He spoke about Networking and different generations of Mobiles and Mobile processors on 6th of November 2017.

 Seminar on cyber securities was conducted on 8th of December 2017 for the students of class XI

Dr.Balaram Revishankar (orthopediac surgeon ,st Johns hospital,chalakkudy) interacted with class XI Biology students.

Dr.Hisham Ahamed,former Vidyodayan interacted woth Std 11 Biology students.His talk was about Cardiac cycle,heart Transplantation etc.

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