Moving on

Introductory meeting for parents in the beginning of the year on 30th June 2017,where teachers give a brief explanation of how the classes will be.

Coulour Day: Children wear colour dress of a particular colour on all fridays of months June/July inorder to make them learn colours.

Environment Day:Celebrated on June 5th. Mr.P.K.Johnson was the Chief Guest.For the year 2017-18,Nursery theme is "Connect with Vidyodaya Campus"

VayanaDinam: Celebrated on June19th.Ms.Priya A.Swas the ChiefGuest.She narrated a story related to it.

Panchatantraweek: Story Session for a week was conducted in Nursery from 3rd July to 7th July.Mr.ManuJose inaugurated by narrating a story.The Grandparents from each UKG class narrated stories and interacted with our children.

Yoga Day: Celebrated on June 21st.Ms.Rekha Ajit was the Chief Guest.

On Karkkidakam 1st Ms.Sunitha Paiu read the Ramayanam making the significance of the holy month.

In connection with the Ramayana month celebration each class enacted the important episodes of Ramayana.

Khel Kush: Celebrated on August 26th with innovative kiddy sports events.

Field Trip:Instilling kindness and compassion in young minds Field trip to Karunalayam.

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