What is the unique factor of Vidyodaya?

The sprawling 12 acre campus on a hillock and the greenery everywhere provided by the trees and plants is really refreshing and unique.


What is the language options offered?

For classes I and II, either Hindi or Malayalam can be taken as 2nd language. For classes 3 to 8, if Hindi is taken as 2nd language option, then 3rd language becomes Sanskrit/Malayalam. But if 2nd language is Malayalam, then 3rd language option can only be Hindi. In 9 and 10 only 2nd language option is there and that can be Hindi/Malayalam/Sanskrit.


What are the benefits of writing the Board Exam?

The student gets to decide whether to switch over further studies to the State syllabus, which might not be possible if he/she opts for the school exam.


Is it compulsory to opt for the school exam?

It is optional, the student decides, depending on their plans for higher studies.


Once admitted in Vidyodaya, how are the parents made to feel involved in moulding of their child?

At the nursery level, there is a special day called ‘A complete day with your ward’. Every year on this day parents are permitted to be in the classroom, for a full day. There is a special meeting for the parents of 1st Standard students before the start of new academic session. Parents can get prior appointment/permission from the Principal and meet the concerned teachers between 1.30 and 2.45 p.m. on all working days. Workshops conducted by specialised people in the field of education, healthcare and pedagogy are held regularly in the school campus. Parents are also invited to interact with the students and share their areas of expertise and interests.


Is specialized coaching facilities offered in non-scholastic areas?

The school gives ample opportunities to the student to discover their latent talents through participation and practice. Whenever required, practice is given by expert trainers.


Does Vidyodaya have a good library?

Vidyodaya has an excellent library with nearly 11000 books. The collection includes biographies, bestselling author’s works of fiction and nonfiction, reference books in all subjects and a wide range of books for kids too. It also subscribes to several magazines and journals. Online facilities to download material are also available.


What is the procedure for applying for a TC?

In the normal course, parents can apply at the end of the academic year. Yet, if the request is made after the specified date, tuition fee of the current instalment has to be paid.


What is the mode of fee payment?

It is only through MICR local clearing cheques, payable in 5 equal instalments for classes 1 to XI and in 4 instalments for class XII. Students are eligible for 5% discount on payment of full year Tuition Fee along with the first instalment.


How does Vidyodaya, being an ISO certified school make a difference?

We try to attend to each and every child’s needs, thereby trying to optimize customer satisfaction. Continually striving for improvements each year by enhancing the existing activities and introducing new ones, our final goal is to make every child feel self-confident.


As the school promotes inclusive education, is there any facility for students with learning difficulties?

Specially trained teachers are there who are equipped to handle, train and guide students with various problems related to learning and adolescence.


What is the student-teacher ratio in Vidyodaya School?

Vidyodaya has been able to maintain the highest standards as the institution has a very high teacher student ratio of 1:15 for Nursery and 1:20 for School.


What is the entry age in to the LKG?

Preferred age is 4 years, but in view of the recent change in Govt. policy, a few months’ exemption is given if the child is otherwise found to be physically and emotionally on par.


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